Сергей Коренков

Здравствуйте, я более четырех лет профессионально занимаюсь созданием и доработкой сайтов и лендингов.
Types and prices of services
Express task
Express task. A small change in the website. It may be a design correction, payment system or website analytics setup.
Single page website
Landing page. Making a design and content for a single call-to-action page (e.g. event, product or service page).
15 000
Website with several pages
Multi-page website. Making a website with multiple pages and navigation between them.
25 000
Online shop
Online store. Making a ecommerce website with cart, payment system integration and buyer email notifications.
30 000
Разработка логотипа, брендинг, мерч
Custom task. Various changes in the website, or other category.
Средний срок создания сайта с нуля - 3-7 дней.
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