Anton Komandin
Делаю сайты для бизнеса, которые впечатляют, убеждают и продают. Полная настройка вашего сайта, SEO (поисковая оптимизация), консультация, сопровождение.
Types and prices of services
Express task
Express task. A small change in the site. It may be a design correction, payment system or site analytics setup.
5000 ₽
1 Page
Landing page. Making a design and content for a single call-to-action page (e.g. event, product or service page).
20000 ₽
Landing page
Single page site. Making a site with one page containing some sections and navigation between them.
20000 ₽
Website with several pages
Multi-page site. Making a site with multiple pages and navigation between them.
40000 ₽
Online storeshop
Online store. Making a ecommerce website with cart, payment system integration and buyer email notifications.
50000 ₽
SEO-оптимизация сайта на Tilda
5000 ₽
Разработка логотипа
5000 ₽
Contact with designer